Friday, November 6, 2009

RAK Contest.....

A mom on another board I'm on is doing this and I think its a great idea!  The "prize" will vary depending on if the winner is a female or 

**I have decided to make this a WEEK long contest so that being said you can choose to do either 5 of the things below or 3 below and 2 of your own.  Either way PLEASE let me know if your are participating!!  The contest will end Nov.14th! Thanks**

WHAT'S 'RAK' : Random Acts of Kindness

Very simple :
1) Complete every 'RAK' task below.
2) As you do them, please come here and tell us the story.
3) The first person to complete all the tasks will get a little RAK of their own in the mail. (I'll announce the winner and ask them to pm me their address)

TO MAKE MY JOB EASIER : when you complete another RAK, please keep track as a comment on THIS blog post (as on tally) BUT when your done with them all, it is still your responsibility to let me know! 

1) Smile at a stranger (preferably someone who looks like they need it)
2) Buy a coffee (or other beverage, or sandwich, or donut, or whatever) for the person behind you in a fast-food restaurant line (my personal favorite is to do it in a drive-through!)
3) Pay for someone’s parking (if you walk by a parking meter that’s out of time, for example!)
4) Send a pizza to a hospital nursing station/police station/fire station
5) Let a car into traffic ahead of you
6) Mow your neighbor’s lawn while you are doing your own (or if you are a fellow Canadian shovel your neighbor’s driveway or walk-way!)-IF you can't do this you can take your neighbor a baked good or write them a nice note!
7) Send a handwritten letter to your best friend (or a family member) telling them how much they are appreciated.
8 ) Leave a generous tip and write a THANK YOU on your receipt
9) Give your spouse a back or foot rub
10) Next time you receive good service, call the company to let them know (or fill out a comment card)
11) Do a chore for someone (their laundry, vacuum their floor…etc!)
12) Offer to babysit for a friend who needs a night away from the kids
13) Make a charitable donation (any amount, any charity) – no need to post the amount here…
14) Pick up litter on the street (or park)
15) Help a stranger carry groceries or other bags to their car
16) Make your family (or just your spouse) breakfast in bed
17) Tell a mother in your life what your admire about her mothering
18) Call up a family member you haven’t spoken to in years (or in weeks :D ) and catch up
19) Buy a hot beverage or meal for a street person


kearly911 said...

you are full of RAK's. and I smile everytime I see the one you sent me!! This is a great idea. Thanks for posting. I've done the drive in one and really should do it again :) this is a great idea, I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

butterflyjuju said...
These are ones I have done recently.

seanskuuipo said...

These are the ones I have done with in the last few days:

1,3,5,7,9,14,15,17,18 :)

fyrgrl said...

Thanks for participating ya'll...since your both PL's doing it. I'll let you know the prize is a (small but a hey i'm I prob won't have it until after the contest is over but are you both ok w/ cloud break as a print? That way in-case somebody else joins its a neutral print?

seanskuuipo said...

Yep! I'm cool with any JJB!!! Love Ya! Thanks for doing this!

seanskuuipo said...

Completed # 13 - Money gets taken out every paycheck.

Nicole said...

Well, I figured out my login... so seanskuuipo and Nicole are both ME... LOL!!

butterflyjuju said...

Sure CB is fine with me.

butterflyjuju said...

Oh and since you said small, I'm so hoping for a BeTagged LOL

Adrienne said...

Great idea! I don't think I'll win, but I'd love to complete all the items on your'll probably take a long time!!!

So far I've recently done: 5 (daily, since I drive in rush hour) 8, 9 & 13

Nicole said...

Add # 8 to my completed!

Nicole said...

# 16 and # 12 are done :)

fyrgrl said...

I will remind everybody again "tomorrow" but don't forget contest ends tomorrow!

Nicole said...

#2 is done.

sarahnicole1984 said...

I figured out how to comment, I think . . would you like me to comment all the ones I've done here to make it easier on you?

fyrgrl said...

Congratulations Nicole! Thank you the ones that participated I will be holding another contest for Thanksgiving!!! Thank you all for doing so many RAK's!! .......btw I used

Nicole said...

Thank you Nikia!!

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