Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's been awhile.....soooo GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Missie over at has the most awesome store, and has been kind enough to send me a couple of things for giveaway/review.  SO...if you have a little one or will soon and would like win a Hold Me Hand Woven Baby Sling and  write me a small review once you use it, (no pic necessary, but would be awesome).  I'm asking that you do a couple of things (well just one, but a couple if you want more then one  Leave a comment below letting me know either how old your l.o is or how long before you will be using it.  If you are a PL please leave your PR name, if not then please leave me a way to contact you if I don't obviously know who you are.
For additional entries:
Visit Facebook page and become a fan.  Once you have done so come back and let me know.
Entry #3-Become a follower of's blog.  As above, once you have done this come back and let me know.
If you already are a follower/fan just leave additional comments letting me know! Thanks!
OH!  And the color of the sling is Natural!  I will ask that if the winner is from outside of the U.S they help cover shipping charges please, but everybody is welcome to enter!   The winner will be chosen via!  Thanks!


Emma said...

Hi Nikia...I've become a fan on face book too! :)

Emma said...

This is such a fun idea. My LO is 10mths old and I love babywearing so would love to try out the sling and review it! I am a PL and my name is Emma!

Emma said...

Following the blog too now! :)

Andrea said...

My Baby is almost 4 months old and she likes to be close to mama all the time so it would be nice! :)
I'm a PL (maman123)

garrettsmom said...

Hi Nikia,
I became a fan on FB. DS is almost 2, near the top of the weight limits, but we're hoping for a new little one soon!

Anonymous said...

i became a fan in FB!!!

my dd is almost 2, but my SIL just had a little girl and she is a hair stylist her and my mom have a salon together and she brings the baby to work so this will be perfect for her when the baby is fussy. the baby is only 3 month old and i think whe will get very good use of it.

yazzy from PR

annie-roo said...

My little on is 3 months and we're currently trying different slings and carriers to see what we like best!

Andrea (annieroo in PR)

annie-roo said...

Became a facebook fan

Andrea (annieroo in PR)

Vanessa said...

I don't know if you are still doing this or not Nikia, but my little one is 9 months old. If she can't use it, I'll save it for my sister to use for her very first babe who is due in July.

Vanessa said...

Fan of babythings on fb!

jewelsntreasures @

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