Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm alive....

Not that anybody has checked my blog in all this  But lets see since my last post quite a few things have happened.  I have been in the E.R twice, become a "single" parent, started packing, lost about 15lbs, discovered some people are really all talk, and then some.  I didn't want to blog since the deployment until I could come back a happy perky blah blah me, but well I still wouldn't be back.  I'm still sick and they still have no clue what is wrong.  I'm weak every day and dizzy, it's hard to keep up with Diem and be the Mom that I know I should be.  I feel like I am failing her and everything that I should be doing.  I don't like asking for help, so I try not to.  People ask how I am I try to just say "fine", one because do they really care how I am?  Prob not....and two if I were to tell them would they really listen?...prob not.  They would just assume that I'm sick because I miss Josh or some b.s, because God forbid a military wife be sick because she is really sick right?  I don't like being sick.  I like being the strong one, the one that everybody else can depend on.  Except for nobody ever needs me anymore.  Nobody calls me crying, asking for advice, or anything else, it's always me, and I don't like it. 
So here is my question/thought for the day..why do people befriend you on facebook to not say anything to you?  I mean like request that you become their friend then never comment on your status pics or anything for like weeks, months?  Whats the point?  I have had like three people do this in the last month!  Just wondering.  One of those pet peeve things I reckon you know? lol.