Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's been awhile.....soooo GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Missie over at has the most awesome store, and has been kind enough to send me a couple of things for giveaway/review.  SO...if you have a little one or will soon and would like win a Hold Me Hand Woven Baby Sling and  write me a small review once you use it, (no pic necessary, but would be awesome).  I'm asking that you do a couple of things (well just one, but a couple if you want more then one  Leave a comment below letting me know either how old your l.o is or how long before you will be using it.  If you are a PL please leave your PR name, if not then please leave me a way to contact you if I don't obviously know who you are.
For additional entries:
Visit Facebook page and become a fan.  Once you have done so come back and let me know.
Entry #3-Become a follower of's blog.  As above, once you have done this come back and let me know.
If you already are a follower/fan just leave additional comments letting me know! Thanks!
OH!  And the color of the sling is Natural!  I will ask that if the winner is from outside of the U.S they help cover shipping charges please, but everybody is welcome to enter!   The winner will be chosen via!  Thanks!

Last night.......and my mini wish list

Was fun to say the least?  It all started the night before with stomach pains that just wouldn't quit, but I blew them off...what the heck I  don't have time for this I'm thinking.  Josh is leaving, suck it up.  So I take some of my migraine pills thinking they will find the pain..haha.  And try to sleep.  Yesterday I wake up not feeling well, but eh whatever...we get our pics done by wondermus Cindi over at City Park and come home.  But about 15min after dinner the pains are back BIG TIME.  So I tell Josh I can't take it I'm going over to the Hosp.  I have to admit I was impressed I was taken back in about 30min or so.  After a TON of test and what not, we discover I have a bleeding ulcer, my gallbladder prob has to go, and my hernia has prob poked its way through it's repair at some point.  Wonderful!  So I'm given meds because I can't keep much down or stand up straight at this point, and told to rest!! REST???!!!???  My husband is leaving any day, and I have to pack and move with a 2 year old!! LMAO but ok yeah I'll rest and take care of those problems right away to!  Haha NOT!  So lets just pray the medicine gods shine down on me for several months and work their magic, so that I will have some constant help w/ speed demon if/when they have to do anything.  And who knows maybe the problems will magically fix themselves!
Another thing I did while I was at the e.r was think a bit and I have decided that I REALLY REALLY want Diem to have a Waldorf inspired doll...but oh ny gosh they cost so much!!  However you pay for good quality right?  And for me I have discovered I NEED a black/bub be smart.  So anyways thats that.  Have a good one!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pardon the dust....

But hopefully everybody will love the new blog and appreciate all of the hard work that Kim is putting into it!  I know I do!!  So please keep reading and checking back, the best is yet to come!  I realize my post have slowed down for a bit, but things have been pretty busy around here (not that anybody has really noticed).  Anyways they will pick back up here soon.  For the couple of ya'll that check in here and there thank you!!  I plan on trying to get a few more product reviews and what not also in the up coming months so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So if ya'll don't hear from me for a few days then you know something happened to  I have decided to become serious about this whole running thing.  What I am thinking I don't know....just like some people shouldn't wear certain things, some people shouldn't run....yet I am going to try to.  I need to be pretty for a magnitude of reasons, so therefor off I go.  Please pray that I don't cause an earthquake or need 911 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The mall

All I have to say is if Josh was not deploying I would have turned around when we pulled in the parking lot!!  That mall was nuts, I mean really its the day before a Hallmark holiday people not Christmas!  Yet another reason I don't like Lynnhaven mall and stick to Cheaspeake Square!  But alas there is no Build a Bear over here.  So we go in the mall and go to the Disney store first because they are having a pretty good sale on plush toys.  Diem picks a Goofy and a Donald Duck, not what I thought she would pick but ok.  THEN there was the line...OMG the line was half way around the store, well needless to say Diem had a mini melt down while waiting in that! Lol  Then next door to Build a Bear...WTH?!?!?!!  The line was THREE stores down!!  I swear if Josh was not leaving we would have left and  come back a different day, but well we couldn't so we wait and wait some more.  I did discover while I was in line that Tricia and some of her family were in the mall, and btw DANNY I'm holding ya'll to what you said!!! LMAO  Anyways, we FINALLY get Diems Frog done.  Yes she picked it, I held up a dog and the frog and she snatched the frog from my hand, Josh recorded a message to her that is in it's foot.  He has on a soccer outfit, we were going to put in a hockey one but it was UGLY! lol  Anyways that was our boring yet long day!


So in less time then I would like I am going to be a single parent.  I just really think I am going to find out who my FRIENDS are and who my friends are in the first few weeks that Josh is gone.  There is A LOT that has to be done in a VERY short period of time, and I am really going to need the help of a few of my friends.  But you know how it goes, everybody always talks at practice but when game day rolls around nobody is ready to get in the game.  Yeah that was bad, but  ya'll know what I'm trying to say right? Lol  I HATE depending on people because I always get let down, just a fact.   I have to figure out a way to entertain Diem while the Verizon man is at the other house for 5hrs during her nap time, with nothing to do, paint, pack, paint more, oh and did I mention I'm not supposed to lift anything to heavy?  Oh and that my dad has a broken ankle?  I have NO CLUE how I'm going to do it  but oh well I will, and I prob won't ask for help.  Why?  because I don't want somebody to tell me they will help me just to let me down....I can't take much more of that right now.  And this is in no way ment to be an insult to my friends.  I realize they have lives yadda yadda I however am just speaking how I feel in my heart.  It is 0315 and that's what I  Love to you all

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sometimes I wish there was a bucket next to me at all times.  And I could stick my head in the bucket and automatically be in my "happy place", except for sadly I have no idea where that is.  I can't say it's with my husband because he just rolls his eyes when he has to talk to me for more then 10 consecutive minutes and acts like its the worse thing on the planet. He acts like he can't wait until he is out of here!  Like they can't get him a plane ticket fast enough half of the time so yeah no happy place there..  I would say it's with Diem but lets face it while she makes me extremely happy overall, what do you really think a toddler can do?  Then we have my friends...umm yeah A.) They are either married to men that love them dearly and I just want to cry because I would kill for my husband to show me the TLC theirs do.  Of course if you were to ask him, he is Romeo and he  or B) They are strong women that have it all together and well ....I'm me, and I wouldn't wish being me on my worst enemy. 
All I want is to FEEL loved, wanted, special, needed, by somebody that isn't still in diapers, but whatever these things will never happen.  I really think its because the attention is being given someplace else so my time is just what is left over.  Maybe they want me to take mine elsewhere to?  That way he won't have to care at all, not even a little bit?  I don't have to be/want to be wined and dined....I just want to be cared about....and SHOWED it.   I'm so beyond torn because I don't want my husband to go but at the same time I'm almost like ..why not, will he even really notice? 
Then we have the PR, how can so many women lead these picture perfect lives?  I just don't get it I guess.
I'm just so sick of being wrong, I would love for Josh mostly, to say: " You know what honey you have a point, and I do need to do better, I'm sorry and I will try".  And really MEAN it for once.
Oh well I guess over the next however long I will just lead my hobbit type existence...or as close to it as possible.  So bring on the bucket....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lets go Saints!!!

Nuff Said!!!  Be back later!  Oh and of course can't wait to see the commercials! LOL
WHO DAT!!!!!!  Way to make history baby!!  

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guns and Hoses

So we took Diem to the hockey game tonight.  Didn't think we were going to go at first thanks to Josh's friend waiting until the last minute to tell him he didn't want to go to the second game with him.  Why do people do that?  Wait until the last poss second to give an answer?  So that put Josh in a pissy mood and he didn't want to go at all, and then of course we got into a fight because thanks to his friend our day (which we were FINALLY having a good one of) was just going down the drain.  So anyways I FINALLY got him to agree to go, two cars, pouting, and half assed getting along later, we were at the game.
 Anyways once we got there things got better.  Hoses one of course!!!!  Yay!!  Even though I love my guns to!! LOL  When we got there Diem expressed how much she LOVED the ice and how pretty it  Hopefully we can take her ice skating sometime soon, since she won't be able to start her lessons for a couple of more months.  But I'm really excited to get her out on the ice and see how she does.  She really enjoys roller skating so I reckon we shall see.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The new look

I would like to thank Kim from the PR for working on my blog for me!!!  I realize there are still some tweaks but I would like to know what everybody thinks so far!  I am trying to think of a giveaway to celebrate, any ideas?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Dudes and Diva's Contest!!

LD&D is doing another AMAZING giveaway on their forum!!  If you click HERE you can be entered to win an awesome Fleurville pink bingo bag!!!   And please tell Maya that I sent you also!  Thanks!

Smile know I have not had very much to smile about lately.  My plans for the weekend are most likely ruined because of a massive snow storm.  My husband is acting like he could take me or leave me..which hurts more now because he is leaving in under a month.  I find a new friend down here to talk to and what not, to find out she is moving this summer.  Progress has pretty much come to a halt with other stuff that was being worked on.  I don't know what to do...I just want somebody to show me some affection, be nice to me, smile when I'm around.  Don't act like I am the worse thing that has happened since the first person got AIDS in America.  I know I am not perfect....far from it, but really do I need to be reminded of it all the time?  Whatever... all I want is to feel cared somebody.  Hell sometimes I don't really think dh really cares who does it, or if anybody else does it, as long as it gets him off of he hook for 98% of it.  Now I could be wrong, but it sure doesn't seem like it.  So if anybody is bored and wants to make me would be very welcome.  I would love for the happy me to reappear.  Thanks