Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guns and Hoses

So we took Diem to the hockey game tonight.  Didn't think we were going to go at first thanks to Josh's friend waiting until the last minute to tell him he didn't want to go to the second game with him.  Why do people do that?  Wait until the last poss second to give an answer?  So that put Josh in a pissy mood and he didn't want to go at all, and then of course we got into a fight because thanks to his friend our day (which we were FINALLY having a good one of) was just going down the drain.  So anyways I FINALLY got him to agree to go, two cars, pouting, and half assed getting along later, we were at the game.
 Anyways once we got there things got better.  Hoses one of course!!!!  Yay!!  Even though I love my guns to!! LOL  When we got there Diem expressed how much she LOVED the ice and how pretty it  Hopefully we can take her ice skating sometime soon, since she won't be able to start her lessons for a couple of more months.  But I'm really excited to get her out on the ice and see how she does.  She really enjoys roller skating so I reckon we shall see.


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