Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last night.......and my mini wish list

Was fun to say the least?  It all started the night before with stomach pains that just wouldn't quit, but I blew them off...what the heck I  don't have time for this I'm thinking.  Josh is leaving, suck it up.  So I take some of my migraine pills thinking they will find the pain..haha.  And try to sleep.  Yesterday I wake up not feeling well, but eh whatever...we get our pics done by wondermus Cindi over at City Park and come home.  But about 15min after dinner the pains are back BIG TIME.  So I tell Josh I can't take it I'm going over to the Hosp.  I have to admit I was impressed I was taken back in about 30min or so.  After a TON of test and what not, we discover I have a bleeding ulcer, my gallbladder prob has to go, and my hernia has prob poked its way through it's repair at some point.  Wonderful!  So I'm given meds because I can't keep much down or stand up straight at this point, and told to rest!! REST???!!!???  My husband is leaving any day, and I have to pack and move with a 2 year old!! LMAO but ok yeah I'll rest and take care of those problems right away to!  Haha NOT!  So lets just pray the medicine gods shine down on me for several months and work their magic, so that I will have some constant help w/ speed demon if/when they have to do anything.  And who knows maybe the problems will magically fix themselves!
Another thing I did while I was at the e.r was think a bit and I have decided that I REALLY REALLY want Diem to have a Waldorf inspired doll...but oh ny gosh they cost so much!!  However you pay for good quality right?  And for me I have discovered I NEED a black/bub be smart.  So anyways thats that.  Have a good one!


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