Saturday, October 31, 2009

Intro and "rules" for MY blog...

So I have joined the world of blogging, don't expect much but hey it's me ya'll should know that...LOL.
Before I type anything else however I will say this is MY blog, therefore if you don't like what is said...oh well.  Your reading it at your own risk, you can't hold anything against me.  There now you have my disclaimer.... you know who you are!!  Oh and by the way "you" don't be sneaky about reading it, I know you like gossip so just become a follower and for once not do something behind my back...ok :o).  Hey it's my Birthday I can say what I want.  And it's MY blog!  Not facebook....haha!
Anyways back to the task at hand, I am a 32 (ouch) y/o for the most part sahm to a very active 2/yo and a Navy wife.  I am a vol ff and a 911 dispatcher, I still dispatch p.t and I miss fire/ems more then words can express.  Anyways kiddos it is 0248 and I need some sleep.  We are taking Diem to Boo in the Zoo tomorrow, so... more then!  Goodnight all!  And please feel free to comment! 


TxMissie said...

Welcome to the blogside :)

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