Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not me Monday

Our car caught fire today, the first thing to go though my mind was there goes a better house because I wouldn't think that.  Not me

Same car would have been paid for tomorrow (today), I didn't think just our luck!!!  Nope not me!

I don't HATE the Navy because we got informed today that now we have another 4-6 weeks of waiting because of MY medical records.  Nope not me

As much as I hate it I know we need it so I'm praying we stay in it.  Yep me

I'm grateful for my friends that talk to me and keep me in the loop, because my feelings don't get extremely hurt that my "family" does not tell me shit!  Nope not me

I'm not more hurt by the fact that I'm sure there will be some b.s excuse, well if you can tell one how hard is it to type one more name?  Sorry that's my thinking.   I'm sorry if it's wrong for me to love you and care about you to.  Yeah me

And yes I know this was tech on Tuesday...and no I don't care.  Nope not me


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