Sunday, June 5, 2011

all about me...

So much as been going on since I last blogged.....SO much.  Some of which will go here... a lot won't, because I don't trust people.  I am having a very hard time trusting just about anybody anymore sadly.  I'm shocked I have any back left it's had so many knifes it it over the last few months.  Let's see I still hate hampton rds with a passion.  I mean I like some things about it, but over all ...yeah.  Of course I LOVE's home, but sooo different back home.  Diem is growing like a weed.  She is literally the height of a 5y/o and she will just be 4 come two weeks.  Prob getting her a bb gun for her birthday, she is country by birth!!  She is very loving and sweet though, has her moments but over all couldn't ask for a better daughter.  Hopefully one day she will have the brother or sister she keeps asking for.  

I miss working with a passion, BUT I always said I'm going to have kids I'm going to raise them if at all possible, so here we are.  Hope to be going on vacation soon....God knows I need one before I loose my mid  Because I have realized how very lonely it is and how very much I LOATH being ignored!!!!  Just in general, I feel like I always give people 100% of me and I get back whatever they have left over in return......

As you know I have my page Sexually's awesome I think.  But O.M.G there are some caddy bitches on there sometimes!!!  I'm like really?!?!!  Let's try to be a little LESS supportive or a little MORE of a bitch please!!  I mean damn I know I can be a bitch but being a Cu%t is a bit out of line!  But even still I love the page and the people on it.  Anyways I will add more soon...<3


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