Monday, December 14, 2009

A different kind of not "me" Monday

This Monday is going to not be about "me" at all.  Instead I would like to talk about a "friend" of mine.  The ONLY reason I put the word friend in quotes is because I have never met Vanessa in real life, I know her through the PR.  But from what I know of her she is a wonderful, caring, loving woman that would do anything for anybody.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to call her a friend.  Matter of fact she has no clue that I am typing this.  So Vanessa I really hope that you don't mind, and if you do please tell me and I will take it down ok? 
The reason I am writting about Vanessa on not me Monday is because some things are just NOT fair for her and her family right now.  That being said I realize they are firm believers in God and that they know he has a plan for them.  But still I would like for their story to go out to a few more ears, just in case you know somebody that might be able to help them ok? 
They would love nothing more then to adopt a baby...yes they have been blessed with two children, but they would still love to give a child that needs a loving home one also.  I took this "It's not fair" blurb from Vanessa's blog.  Why because it's NOT her Monday!!! 

It's Not Fair

Today I'm feeling melancholy concerning our adoption. I am so very happy when I hear that others have been able to adopt, yet it is my human nature to automatically feel a little down for myself.

It's not fair:

*that money talks
*that we don't have the funds to automatically say yes to any situation
*that we aren't as "marketable" because we already have a little babe at homw.
*that we have it so strongly on our hearts to adopt, yet nothing has happened
*that we have been waiting a year and a half now

In the back on my mind, I know that God has the perfect plan and the perfect child waiting just for us. But today, I just want to scream, cry and shout that it is not fair!   ''

I have been thinking about your blog, Vanessa for the last few days.  Everybody there is a link back to her blog over to the left.  Please if you believe in prayer to so, if not keep them in your thoughts.  Thanks!


Vanessa said...

Nikia! You are an amazing friend! Thank you for letting others know about me. We so could use the prayers!

rabidewok said...

Oh big hugs and thoughts going your way Vanessa!

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