Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever wanted to just shake somebody? LOL  No really...like I am a member of this AWESOME "group" of ladies/board right?  But just like any other large gathering of women after a while I start to remember why I prefer most of my friends to be men.  Don't get me wrong I totally adore 98.5% of these women, but it's the little things.  Like the ones that weigh 100lbs soaking wet being worried about what they are going to look like come bathing suit season...I mean really???  Why the hell are you worried about it, your going to have somebody like me to always make you look 100x better, so don't even worry about it sweetie ok? LOL 
Or the ones that always have the perfect husbands and the perfect homes with the perfect kids, well can you PLEASE tell me where to sign up for your perfect life?  I'm happy that your husband send you two dozen roses just because he loves you...no really I am, and he cooks you dinner every night, and he cleans, and he gives the kids baths, and puts them to bed, and etc.  Do I want all that no, and yes I'm being honest....do I want some of that hell yeah I do.  Do I want to feel pretty...Hell yeah, Do I want to feel like somebody adores me hell yeah, do I not want to feel like a beached whale..of course, do I want to feel like somebody wants to talk to me instead of me bothering them, like 99% of the people in my life...it would be a nice change.   Will any of these things happen?  Prob not but whatever at least I have put my feelings out there, I feel a little better for that.  You know people keep saying "you rock" to me....but I don't really understand why?


rabidewok said...

shoot, my life is FAR from perfect. I do sometimes want to say "gag me with a spoon" when it comes to anything where it's sunshine and daisyfarts. My husband and I have been through so much crap, especially a few months ago.

You rock to me cause you crack me up, but you got that brutal honesty that I find insanely refreshing. Just feels "real" ya know? Heck I dunno if I'm making any sense at this point.

The Mamma said...

Keep in mind something my mother always told me. You only know as much about a person's life as they let you know. They could spend their checking account down to the last dime and get those flowers because they threatened to leave again. You just never know.

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