Sunday, December 27, 2009

I REALLY wonder about people sometimes...

Like really....I would LOVE to be inside of people's heads sometimes!!  For example my friends house was broken into over Christmas by a "friend" of the family!!!  I mean really??!!?  Why would you take toys from children?  I don't care if you THINK they can afford more or not does not make it yours now does it? NO!
Then there is that one "special" person that you just can't make yourself like no matter how hard you try and then as soon as I get in my head I'm going to give this person a chance, they go and do something yet again to remind me why I feel how I do about them (and yeah if your reading I know you feel the same about me so....).  You know it's sad that we can't all just get the bleep along.  Oh well at least some of us are family.
My neighbors have been partying for the last two  nights until almost 5 in the morning.  Now I will admit a slight bit of me is jealous, that I am not doing things like that anymore...LOL.  But even back in the day when we were....we would never be loud and rude!  Again I wonder about people sometimes.
Ok now I'm adding more....why does 75% of what I say get taken the wrong way???!!!!???  Esp to a certain group of people?  I already hardly talk to them as it is (and I DON'T LIKE THAT)......maybe I just need to stop talking to them at all unless necessary?  And that makes me sad.....VERY.  I'm so SICK of being sad!!  I'm also sad to know that my child and my niece are basically out of sight...out of mind.  Now this MAY not be true and I pray it's not because I THOUGHT the relationship between the person that I THINK feels this way and I was getting better.  But then again....I have been wrong about a lot of things when it comes to people in my "family" giving to shits about me and my feelings. 
Why can't people just be considerate of others, quit having double standards, and treat others as they wish to be treated?  Yeah we all have our days...but you all know what I mean.


Tricia said...

Thank you so much for this, it means a lot. I was up all night. When I was not crying I was wondering what I could have done differently. I am blaming myself for this,even though in my head I know it makes no sense. It just hurts and sucks so much. I feel violated in the worst way, I was violated at HOME.

Kayla Wells said...

I was broken into a couple of years ago and still to this day, it feels creepy, and I hate being home alone. As far as people in general. I agree. It really wouldn't be so hard for people to just let things rool, not take them so personally and forgive and move on.. would it???

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