Saturday, February 13, 2010


So in less time then I would like I am going to be a single parent.  I just really think I am going to find out who my FRIENDS are and who my friends are in the first few weeks that Josh is gone.  There is A LOT that has to be done in a VERY short period of time, and I am really going to need the help of a few of my friends.  But you know how it goes, everybody always talks at practice but when game day rolls around nobody is ready to get in the game.  Yeah that was bad, but  ya'll know what I'm trying to say right? Lol  I HATE depending on people because I always get let down, just a fact.   I have to figure out a way to entertain Diem while the Verizon man is at the other house for 5hrs during her nap time, with nothing to do, paint, pack, paint more, oh and did I mention I'm not supposed to lift anything to heavy?  Oh and that my dad has a broken ankle?  I have NO CLUE how I'm going to do it  but oh well I will, and I prob won't ask for help.  Why?  because I don't want somebody to tell me they will help me just to let me down....I can't take much more of that right now.  And this is in no way ment to be an insult to my friends.  I realize they have lives yadda yadda I however am just speaking how I feel in my heart.  It is 0315 and that's what I  Love to you all


TxMissie said...

huggs.I would help if I was there :)

rabidewok said...

First off WOW love the new layout!

Second, if it means anything I'll be your online support. Logan was about the same age when my husband deployed, one day at a time.

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