Saturday, February 13, 2010

The mall

All I have to say is if Josh was not deploying I would have turned around when we pulled in the parking lot!!  That mall was nuts, I mean really its the day before a Hallmark holiday people not Christmas!  Yet another reason I don't like Lynnhaven mall and stick to Cheaspeake Square!  But alas there is no Build a Bear over here.  So we go in the mall and go to the Disney store first because they are having a pretty good sale on plush toys.  Diem picks a Goofy and a Donald Duck, not what I thought she would pick but ok.  THEN there was the line...OMG the line was half way around the store, well needless to say Diem had a mini melt down while waiting in that! Lol  Then next door to Build a Bear...WTH?!?!?!!  The line was THREE stores down!!  I swear if Josh was not leaving we would have left and  come back a different day, but well we couldn't so we wait and wait some more.  I did discover while I was in line that Tricia and some of her family were in the mall, and btw DANNY I'm holding ya'll to what you said!!! LMAO  Anyways, we FINALLY get Diems Frog done.  Yes she picked it, I held up a dog and the frog and she snatched the frog from my hand, Josh recorded a message to her that is in it's foot.  He has on a soccer outfit, we were going to put in a hockey one but it was UGLY! lol  Anyways that was our boring yet long day!


Kayla Wells said...

I bet Diem will appreciate her frog. :) And you are braver than I am.. I do not do well in crowds!

TxMissie said...

cute and ugghhh on the lines.I detest shopping in malls anymore

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