Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm not a huge fan of games, I think the reason is because the rules always seem to change for the more popular players.  For example I'm playing this "game" right now, I asked about a certain rule this morning and I was given an answer.  Another player asked about the SAME rule later this evening, and was given a different answer.  Basically what I was told was wrong for me to do is ok for her?  I call b.s, and I am about over it to be honest.  There are over 50 players in this game, they won't miss me, need me, or anything else.  Don't get me wrong I love some of the other people playing the game, I really honestly do.  But don't give me the oh its ok for her but not you crap.  Yes previsions are made...but not different friggin rules!!  Anyways whatever seems my life anymore is about me doing what makes everybody else happy.  I don't think my happiness matters to anybody.  Everybody keeps telling me for me to do what makes me happy, yet when I try all that ends up happening is more stuff that causes me to be unhappy and sad.  So PLEASE tell me how to be happy....I'm begging "you".


butterflyjuju said...

Girl to be happy first you're going to have to be happy with you (not with what you are doing just with yourself as a person). Forget everyone else. What they say and do don't matter. Figure out how to be happy with yourself and stop trying to do "things" to be happy.

Then the rest of it shouldn't matter too much. Clear as mud? There is a Bible verse and I can't remember where at the moment. But it says "In whatsover state therein be content." Or something along that lines. To me it means we have to learn to be content with where God wants us to be. Once we become content then we can finally see that happiness. It has taken DH a long time to understand this but he has finally become much happier.

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