Monday, January 11, 2010


Why speak....does anybody really hear you?  And if they do are they listening?

Why breath..  If you stop is anybody going to notice?  And if they do are they are they going to help you start breathing again?

Why cry... do the tears really accomplish anything?  I just get a headache, yet I can't help but cry sometimes.

Why love....are you ever really loved back?  Actions speak louder then words.  Most times all that gets heard anymore is a bunch of loud words.

Why make a you really want to do it?   Or are you just trying to shut up the person that asked the question?  Are you really listening when you answer in the first place?

Why no there no love?  Do you just not care....does anybody care.  Prob not.   I'm prob wrong ........again.

Why do you not realize that if you don't show me you love day somebody else might show me attention.  But then I will be the wrong one.  But deep down will that make you happy? 

Why does everybody put everything on MY shoulders?  I have to say hi...I have to be the bigger person....I have to say sorry....I have to shut up....I have to do whatever...ME!!!  Why?!  Whats wrong with everybody else?  Why are "you" so much better then I am?  Just wondering....


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