Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't like people!  Plain and simple, I don't know how much more plain English I can put it I don't like people right now.  If one more friggin person that has NO clue even thinks of saying how quickly this deployment will go I will scream!!!  I don't give a rats ass how much Josh and I do or don't get along, that is NOT the point.  The point is he is leaving behind his family for an extended period of time.  Very little communication (which lets admit he is not that great at in the first place), and a toddler that is on his shirt tales.  So YOU tell me how quickly it would go by for you??!!!?  And DO NOT tell me I married him!!  No shit I married him, does that mean I have to like the fact that he is leaving?   Does it mean I should put my daughters cheer outfit on her and get her pom pom's?  It does not mean I am not proud, don't stand behind or any of it means I am a normal person that DOESN'T want to hear crap from somebody that really has zero clue what to say, so they say something that makes my blood pressure so high that I almost have a stroke!  Then to make matters even worse just because of who you are other people automatically feel obligated to go along with you!! ARGH!!!!!  Ok devils advocate ya'll may mean well but really ...just stop...please.  If you don't know what to say.  Just say something like "Stay safe", "Hurry home", "If you need anything let us know", etc you get the picture right?  NEVER say things about how short the time is going to be, or how quick it will pass, or "oh its just that long", something like that.  That is just a sure fire way to piss me off.  And again because I KNOW some smart ass will read this and go "well as much as ya'll fight the break will do you good"  and you know what it just might.  But I have a bigger picture to look at, and that involves more then just me.   So in this instance if you have never been there done that, or if you have and your one of those "oh I use this time to make blankets for people w/o blankets and so it flys by".  Can just bite me ok? :o) Ok well I have gotten it off of my chest so thanks for now....ta ta


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