Sunday, January 3, 2010


Just go...2010 I don't like you so far so can you just go away please?  People were nicer to me in 2009, people tried in 2009.  People wanted (or at least pretended) the right thing in 2009.  Tonight I spent 45min making dinner for nothing.  My child gets fussed at for nothing.  What ever happened to pick your battles?  I mean really what harm is a 2y/o going to do to a sleeping bag?  I think some people just like to be mean at least once a week, like they can't function if they arn't.  I turned down something I wanted for them, they don't know it....doubt they will care.  I just want to be held,  I want a hug, I want to snuggle.  Will I ever know what feeling again?


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