Thursday, January 21, 2010


So have you ever just had those day(s) that no matter if the person/people mean to or not, a certain few people just irritate the living crap out of you?  They don't really do anything wrong....I mean they might but it's nothing really "wrong" or major, but omg you just want to smack the breath out of them! LOL  And I'm pretty sure there are at least two people that feel the same way about me right now.  Do I care....sure I do.   I do anything about it, no so I'm not going to even bother trying.   Like for example I'm doing this befit thing in the PR, I usually love everybody doing it,  And there are a few reasons why....first off I'm afraid to post anything or the grammar police might come after  Pardon me can you please past the mustard?  Why do I  NEED to post every single day what I do as long as its up by the end of the week?  So that people have more time to be critical of me?  Oh look so THAT'S why she is so fat!  I realize the people who did this put A LOT of hard work and effort into this,  and its prob just me.  But I SO wanted this to be fun this time...not make me want to cry..shrug. 
Then I have my friend who is not speaking to me because of a misunderstanding...that hurts A LOT, we never talked a lot like we should have but I love her and I want us to speak.  Life is to short, so if your reading know who you are please can we love each other again? 
Then there is the never ending trying to please everybody crap.  Oh wait can I say crap? Yep because its MY blog!!   I can't believe people have the nerve to get on other peoples pages and whine about what they say! "OMG do you know you mother can see this"....Umm yeah as a matter of fact I do I accepted her friend req moron.  But ty for reminding me just in case I forgot.  Yeah do I maybe say some things I shouldn't ...sure...but am I an adult that needs to laugh sometimes because my life is not as perfect as yours obviously is?  Yes so I'm sorry!  But please feel free so send your semi charmed life my way any day ok Mary Poppins?  And on that note....don't say you can fully judge somebody looking through only half of a window, either look through all of it or don't look at all, that's kinda like watching a moving through your fingers. 
WOW maybe it's been to long since I have blogged or the new bc is just making me even more honest......SCARY! LMAO.....Love ya'll


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