Monday, January 4, 2010


HAPPY????  YA'LL WIN!!  Now everybody should be happy......but me of course.   But hey...who cares, majority rules right?
To those that offered to send Josh can or can't now...that's up to you.  But thank you for being kind enough to do so.
I do have a question, yall know that book from that NCIS episode, what was it?  The Good wives manual or something like that?  You know the one that the Priest made the women that kept locked in the dudgeon type environments study? How do I get my hands on a copy of that?  Since apparently I need it, and that's the decade were all living in.  I'm not a child....don't treat me like one


Tricia said...

While I certainly did not send him a carepackage last time (well I didn't know you guys!!) I sure know you guys now and you can bet your booty I will send something. Why because he is separated from you and Diem so I can go to bed at night safely. Our freedom does matter, as much as the guys and gals out there making sure we keep it. Be safe Josh and hurry home!!

TxMissie said...

I will adopt you guys!!
Be safe all of you and Josh hurry home

butterflyjuju said...

Nope not happy. Preferred the other post as it was more you. Love ya! And whizzers on the other guys.

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