Saturday, January 9, 2010

A few observations....

People really need to thank each other more for the small things, like holding the door open at the store, letting you over in traffic, bringing you a drink just because you noticed theirs was empty.

Say hi...just because.  It won't hurt it wont take long.  Who cares if you live with the person, if you see them once a week, once a year, or if you just wish you could see them.

Don't get all pissy when somebody calls you out on something you know you are/were wrong on, and start pointing out every little fault in them.  Just because they called you out, and made you have to see that your not 10ft tall and bullet proof doesn't mean that...#1 they are perfect, #2 you have to try to make them feel like crap just to make yourself feel better, #3 you have to be an ass.  Accept that you just might be wrong for once admit it or whatever and move on. 

Now this one goes for a lot of people around my generation....just because you grew up a certain way, doesn't necessarily mean you have to act that way.  Not saying you can't take some things from your past, but common step by step...really?  Then we would still have slavery and segregated schools people.  Show compassion, hug, communicate, don't cook, drive, get a dishwasher, have sex other then to make babies, women play cards and men cook, go fight that fire, yadda yadda.

"You get more Flys with Honey then Vinegar " people (at least for me) rude, bossy, commanding, you know all things along those lines.  The only thing your going to do is make whatever the problem is worse.  A lot worse.  Because that just then well I just have to do things my way ...x alot.

Next is something I know we all have to some extent, but it just seems some people are a lot worse then others....double standards.  Why..what do they accomplish? just stop

All we need is pulling....whatever...just stop the crap! *SMILE*


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