Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something to do.... I have decided I need some excitment.  I want to gt in the car and just drive, see where I end up...but I'm a bit chicken...not because of me but to do it alone with Diem.  Maybe I can convince a friend or two to go on this adventure with me.  I don't want to be gone for lone just a day or so.  Just enough to get a break from reality you  know?  Have fun let my hair down say..ahhhh.  No he said she said b.s nothing. 
I got new glasses today, I didn't realize how bad my old ones were.  My contacts should be here soon.  I know that nobody really cares, but well 
I miss work...I know nobody really misses me, but I miss it. 


butterflyjuju said...

Hey now I care. And it would really be awesome for you to end up hear on that trip. Even just an over nighter and we can take the kids to the Discovery Museum or something.

TxMissie said...

I always miss you !!!!!!

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