Sunday, November 22, 2009

Contest winners and exciting news...

 So the winners of the Thanksgiving contest are Crystal...who is a new Pink Lady and Erin!   Crystal won a Cbub coin pouch and Erin won Starbucks singles.  Congratulations ladies!!!  Thank you all that participated in the contest!  I will actually be doing another one first part of December for one of Jennies Bows!!  So keep your eyes open!
Onto the exciting news...I am now going to be testing products for!!  The first product's I will be testing are going to be a toddler carrier called the third hand, which is here and the Hotsling.  Both should be interesting with Diem, BUT that's what testing is all about right? LOL  Hopefully I will be able to help ya'll find something that you will be able to find useful, and help Missie out at the same time!  I'm very excited about starting.  I'm thankful to Missie for offering me the opportunity. 
I hope everybody had a great weekend!


butterflyjuju said...

Congrats ladies! And how awesome about the testing.

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