Monday, November 16, 2009

Not me Monday

I have not bought my daughter more boy toys for Christmas then girl toys, because I wouldn't do that.  Not me

I don't have a rent a penis app out for a couple of penis', esp while Josh is gone.  Not for sex, but for other "guy" stuff.  Because I am woman hear me Rwar.  Not me

I am not scared to death about Friday but totally keeping it to myself (well  But deep down I just wish when I told "somebody" that they (said the amount of iodine ...that I just happen to be allg to, the have to give me could almost kill me they just say that sucks)  would show they at least kinda give a crap and/or ask how I feel.  No not me

Wow that post above was not the most run on sentence in the world!  Because somebody that was in honors English wouldn't do  Nope not her

Sometimes I don't wish my daughter that I love so much didn't have a volume button.  No not me

I don't hate how everybody always says how they love talking to me and catching up, yet I always have to call them first and reach out? Because I didn't do this today.  No not me.

I don't sometimes wonder if guys still find me the least bit attractive, after a conversation with a girlfriend of mine today that has started dating again.  No not me........yeah maybe

I don't sometimes wish I could read peoples minds when they read my blog so I could know that they are answering to these questions.  No not me.


rabidewok said...

LOL this is the coolest thing, it gives me a Monday to look forward to!

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