Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friends v. Family

Lazy days arn't always a good thing...they give you to much time to think.  And I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about friends and family.  Now by family I'm not talking about my parents or my mil/fil.  I'm talking about the rest of them, and by friends well that's pretty self explanatory.  And sometimes they can be one in the same, but often they are not.  If anything it's your friends that act more like your family then vice/versa.  Espically when your family has double standards.
Now moving onto friends...sometimes you wonder about them to, but what I wonder the most about them is are some of them friends out of obligation?  Like are they just being nice?  Send you a comment here and there on facebook, but deep down praying that you never really need them, text them, or email them? 
But the funniest thing about family and friends is when you do something wrong or you don't tell them the gossip, they are the first ones wanting to know "why didn't you call me"?  Or when you try to right a wrong they give you some half ass reason why they "don't like you", but come to find out, its been ok all along for them to be doing the same exact thing!  Gotta love it!
So to all of my REAL friends and family (some of them are one in the same) I want to say thank you!  I love ya'll!! 


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