Monday, November 2, 2009

Not me monday...

I totally did NOT let Diem have junk food all day on Saturday, because I wouldn't do that...not me.  Even though it was my Birthday and we were running around like crazy, she normally doesn't eat "junk" more then for dessert at dinner so she was VERY happy! LOL

I did NOT float like I was on cloud nine every time a bunch of teenagers and grown men (and football loving women) would fall all over my daughter in her costume.   Not just because she was my daughter, but because she was different.  She was not in the typical costume we could go get, and I was proud of that....because I am NOT creative! LOL and thank God for a MIL that can sew, ebay, and awesome Pink Ladys!!

I do NOT think it s the funniest thing that Diem will now make you ask her "Why not?"....just so that she can tell you..."because I said"...LMAO!!

I do NOT really miss *me* the person everybody needed, loved, etc.  I wish I could find her again.  Oh and the pretty  I have all these messengers yadda yadda and sometimes I'm like ding damnit!! HAHA used to be they would ding and I was like, I do NOT have time for this!

I do NOT miss my GBFF'S .  I'm not really sure what happened there guess the "luv" is gone.  But ya'll are reading, don't have to come back because I don't miss ya'll....haha.

WOW...I do NOT sound pathetic!


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