Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I love about Tuesdays...

 Well its usually Tequilla Tuesday, but I'm having  Goldschlager instead...LOL and maybe a glass or two of wine to.  And the BEST thing about Tuesdays...NCIS I mean common how much more eye candy could one woman ask for??  Now if one of them :cough: Mark Harmon :cough: could just come and arrest me and take me away from this drama for a while, all would be right with the world! LOL  Common ya'll know I have a point!  :o)  So for your viewing pleasure:

For a second on a serious note. As ya'll know I have a lot on my mind.  What irritates me the most about all the crap that's going on is that people won't talk to ME about it.   Some of the people doing it...I'm not surprised,  it's par for the course.  But some of them it really hurts.  I would say I wish dh would talk to me, but yeah well maybe one day before...well anyways.  I don't want to go there anymore right now.  I WILL say that I would appreciate talking TO me please..thank you. 


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