Saturday, November 21, 2009


 So I just got done watching Benjamin What a prime example of accepting somebody for who they are.  Not what they look like on the outside or what differences they may have.  I have to say I am thankful that I was raised that people are people.....period.

I just wish others could see that nobody is perfect.  I don't get why my il's always have to find a way to always take up for their own.  Not saying they shouldn't, but my family is quick to say when I am wrong, need to do better, whatever.  Maybe they really don't like me, maybe its all because my sil does not like me so why should the rest of them?  And I dare any of them say I have not tried because I will call b.s in a second!!  They just seem to be able to pick me apart with a fine tooth comb.  I just don't get how all these other people can see good in me, but they can't??  It really hurts.... 

Maybe its because I'm not timid like the rest of them and speak my mind?  But that's just me...they always say be myself, but obviously myself isn't good enough huh?  

Anyways in the movie there was a hummingbird that was there for the burial at sea, and when his wife died at the end.  To show that there was somebody "watching over" least that's how I took it.  Somebody feel free to correct me if I am wrong please.  So that is why my pic for the day is the hummingbird.  Hopefully I will have my own help guide me.  I would like to find my smile again, have people accept me for ME.  Don't tell me you love me, yet you don't love who/how I am.  Yeah your not going to love all of my ways...duh.  But common' I can't communicate with myself.  So to those out there who truly love ME.  Thank you!  I love YOU to! <3


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