Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump day....

Well as everybody knows Wed is called hump day.  Depending on where your mind is that can be taken on of two ways.  The way it is meant to be taken is....half way through the week, you have made it over the hump.  Then you have the way most men take it esp married men...."yay its the one day a week I'm gonna get laid" LMAO....or not so LMAO to you Mr.   For me I was not really looking forward to today because that means tomorrow and Friday are fast approaching.  I go to the Dr. both days.  While yes in a way its a good thing because I can maybe find out what's wrong finally, I'm almost scared to know the truth you know?  The only help that I *most of the time* have is leaving in a couple of months, well for who knows how long.  So what am I going to do then?  I'm not supposed to drive long distances, do this or do that.  It's not me that I'm really concerned about its Diem you know?  Anyways enough of that babble that nobody really cares
My awesome friend Sid did some gadget's for me I now have on my page links to Cindi's photography**her link is fixed now,and if you look under children/newborn the baby on the flag is Diem!!**, Jennies bows, and Sids photography (both of them)!  So please check them out!  I wouldn't advertise for anybody that I don't trust.


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