Monday, November 9, 2009

Not me Monday...

I didn't wake up this morning with yet another migraine and immediately start to cry.  Because big girls don't cry.  Not me

I didn't get in the shower and wash my hair just to have it come out by the hand this rate I will by bald before summer, but hey at least I will be cool...LOL.  But that didn't make me keep crying.  Not me

I didn't get my hopes up ...again that Josh would call me with wonderful news about some mircale orders.  Just to be let down, because I'm a Navy wife and we don't get let down.  Not us

I didn't laugh at my daughter today when she walked up to me with one green shoe and one pink shoe and said lets go!  Not me

I was not stoked to find Disney p.j's for $5 shipped today!  So I got Diem Tinkerbell ones!!  Well not me...LOL

I don't wish my husband would just TALK to me about our future..hell talk period, sometime's I wonder if he even wants one.  I have never wondered if he dreams of a magical live without me.  No not me.

I never wonder if I am just the most unloveable person in the not me.

I never just want to take a certain "family" member and just ask "WTF"??!?!!!!? ....nope not me

I don't FEEL more cared about by strangers sometimes, then by the people  that are supposed to care about me not me


TxMissie said...

I love you and I mean that !!!!

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