Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Public Service Announcement

 To all of my REAL friends I would like to say thank you for everything you have done, will do, thinking about doing, yadda yadda...Lol.  With all that has been going on lately I appreciate the ones of you that bother to ask how I am feeling, how my day is going.  You know the little things.  It's kind of sad that my own family does not even do that (well a very few of them do).  Sometimes I wonder if they could really care less about my existence in this family.  So they just ignore me until I talk to them.  I just wish they would/could see and or care how much this really hurt my feelings.  How hard is it to see that it shows a person a whole hell of a lot when you just make a SMALL effort,  to say "hey" once in a while.  Oh well, guess that's ALL my fault and up to me to right?  And don't give me the bs excuse of "we live so far apart".  Because I have friends that live in different countries that do better, and I do the same for them.  When they act like they give a crap about me and my daughter!  So please take the time to read the P.S.A above.  Thank you.
And of course Tuesday is not complete without NCIS.  This week we are going to feature Abby!!  Who would you like to see next week?


rabidewok said...

I feel ya girl, sometimes family is harder to deal with than friends!

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