Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things people should be smacked

So here is my list of why I think some people deserve to be smacked.  Feel free to add some things I may have forgotten.
~Conspiracy to be a Bitch-NCIS
~Back stabbing
~Double standards
~Leaving their signal on once they get over
~Driving the speed limit on the nose
~Hurting your feelings just because they can
~Being perfect
~Ignoring you
~Going back on their word/breaking promises...on purpose
~Lack of respect
~Letting their kids wear heelys in a crowded store
~Talking behind your back
~Picking their nose while driving...yuck
~Not wiping their kids faces after their noses have been running
~Not wiping their kids faces period
~Not supporting their children
~Parking their carts in the middle of the isle at the grocery store


Kayla Wells said...

this is pretty great.~ Kayla

Aimee Zachariou said...

how about ignorance?? or saying stupid thing before thinking??? I am sure I can find more, I love the list already!!! Oh yeah, by the way, it's Aimee :)

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