Monday, November 16, 2009

To be or not to

I had a whole post typed out and I delted it like 5 times over.  All I want to say is this.... I have feelings to.  So please stop/don't:
Lie to me
Use me
Laugh at me/behind my back
Be mean to me/Keep being mean to me
Make me cry
Being sneaky
There is more but I can't think of it right now.  And this applies to EVERYBODY, just because I TRY to be happy on the outside  doesn't mean I don't cry inside A LOT.  It hurts to get yelled at for just breathing sometimes.  Or to find out your "friends" are talking about you behind your back, just as quick as they smile to your face.  So I'm going to try to start making as many changes as possible.  If it means turning into a Bitch so be it I guess.  Because for some reason people seem to be nicer to bitches....why is that?  Because apparently *I* am not good enough, the way I am???  I'm a bit confused......


TxMissie said...

I am so sorry people are treating you that way.I love ya just the way you are...another reason to visit me is I can make tamales :D

fyrgrl said...

Can you??? SWEET! I so need to come to Denmark!

Anonymous said...

I totally get all this stuff you are blogging about!!!

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